Research & Development:
PV-Nano: Development of a novel thin film photovoltaic cell technology 
EnSol AS has patented a novel, thin film photovoltaic cell
design based on nanocrystal technology. It is the objective
of this research and development project to systematically
refine this PV cell technology to achieve an efficiency of
20% or greater.
EnSol’s business case report, which demonstrated that this
unique, 4th generation PV cell technology has tremendous
industrial potential, with low environmental impact, cost
effective production via standard magnetron techniques,
this technology can realistically compete with existing
established PV cell technology.
With funding under the Norwegian Research Council’s 
“Renergi” program, EnSol has established a state of the art
deposition facility at it’s laboratory in Bergen. This unique Physical Vapour Deposition system, combines
an unprecedented high flux nanoparticle source, with more standard thin film magnetron sputter
capabilities. Routine multilayer cell & device fabrication, with nanoparticle, nanocomposite, metal,
semiconductor or dielectric materials are possible on 10 cm x 10 cm substrates.
EnSol’s laboratory deposition