As part of EnSol’s PV-Nano project, EnSol has successfully
designed and commissioned a new high flux nanoparticle
source, for High Vacuum deposition, based on
magnetron sputtering.
Deposition rates in excess of 40 times that of
conventional sources has routinely been achieved, with
unparalleled target material lifetime / usage and source
EnSol aims to further expand its research initiatives with
the further up-scaling and development of an Industrial
Nanoparticle Source, capable of offering complementary
functionality as a “bolt-on” addition to today’s large scale
industrial thin film coating plants.
Research & Development:
INS:  Industrial Nanoparticle Source
3-D “macro” deposit of 
nanoparticles on the shaft of 
a pin,  produced in the 
intense focused beam. 
SEM image of a dense
nanoparticle deposit.