EnSol AS R&D and prototyping expertise.
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Current Projects

Prototype wireless charging

EnSol AS is currently involved in development of a Qi wireless charging system for a new start-up company. We are supplying consultation and assisting in manufacture of their prototypes. EnSol is involved in circuit-board (kretskort) design, modification, software, and hardware manufacturing.

Physical Vapour Deposition Facility – Nano-composite, Thin

Film & Device Production

Aimed as a prototype for industrial up-scaling, EnSol’s prototype nanoparticle source is one of the most advanced in operation. The source is able to produce a practical elongated “stripe” deposit with rates of up to 60 Å/s (depending on the deposition material). The beam size is typically > 10 x 0.5 cm allowing the sample substrate to be passed through the beam to produce a large-area even deposit. Superior long term stability and efficient target usage allows the user to concentrate on other aspects of thin film innovation, rather than the nanoparticle production alone, making it ideal for testing prototype new materials for batteries, sensors or other device applications. We have an extensive range of deposition source materials in stock, but also have an excellent supply chain network, able to accommodate new or unusual request with minimum lead time

LaNNDe (Lanthanide based, solid-state Nanocomposite Neutron Detector


EnSol has unique experience and equipment for the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) of nanocomposite materials and devices. Our detector concept is based on utilizing lanthanide nanoparticles within a solid state device and incorporating signal processing electronics. By placing the neutron-absorbing nuclei (lanthanide nanoparticles, with gigantic absorption cross section values) inside the detector volume, rather than on the surface, a large efficiency in a small layer can be expected.

Previous Projects

The EnSol semitransparent PV Epi cell

Extra layers of solar cells capture more light from the sun. Conventional solar panels are made of silicon. EnSol AS has developed an almost transparent solar film, a so-called thin film, with nanotechnology. This thin film can be installed on top of an ordinary silicon solar cell without the need to make any other changes on the cell. With this thin film on top, one can theoretically increase the efficiency of today’s best solar panel with over 5 %. Sadly the efficiency was too small to be commercially viable.

Energy Efficient Electrochromic Smart Windows

The primary objective of this innovation project was to develop eletrochromatic smart windows with improved performance via nanostructuring of the electrodes. Improved performance means shorter switching time , higher optical contrast ratio, and longer durability than current commercial eletrochromatic smart window technology. This pre-project showed great promise, however we were unable to find suitable commercial partner for the project. For a video showing this technology in action please see our YouTube Channel.

EnSol- Linear Nanoparticle source.

The project objective was to develop an industrially viable nanoparticle source technology with high deposition rate and uniform linear / rectangular deposition area (which could easily be scanned across a substrate ), aimed at the international thin film coating industry. The Project was highly successful, and has been the corner stone of our other R&D nanocomposite detector activities. High-Performance Nanovectors for Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis. This project exploits a recently invented and highly flexible nanoparticle synthesis method to produce complex nanovectors that will simultaneously image /diagnose and treat tumours (theranostics) . Magnetic nanoparticles in the size range 10-50 nm are concentrated specifically in a tumour. subsequently an oscillating magnetic field, to which tissue is transparent, is applied from outside the body and produces a local temperature rice of about 5ºC above core body temperature. which if maintained for a few minutes, causes the cancer cells to shut down and die. This gentle treatment can be almost symptom- free and also generic, as it will work with any type of cancer. For a video of these particles please see our YouTube channel.
EnSol AS R&D and prototyping expertise.
© EnSol AS 2019

EnSol AS humble


EnSol AS was funded by a collaboration between a few Norwegian businessmen and a adventurous English scientist in 2009. They started with a dream to make solar panels with a 30 % efficiency. EnSol started building the Physical Vapour Deposition system so they could deposit both thin layers of materials, and nano-particles from 5x5 cm too 10x10 cm glass substrates. The system works well and EnSol’s experience of using the system is essential for EnSol’s research projects. EnSol has had multiple research projects on Solar energy, PVD process development, thin film capacitors and is currently working on a lanthanide neutron detector project. EnSol is also working for a start- up company on their wireless charging technology. EnSol has developed a magnetron system for nano- particle deposition witch can be modified for potential client’s PVD systems. For more on these projects pleas see Projects. These experiences makes EnSol specially equipped to help Start-up companies with either making a prototype, advising them on technology challenges, or advising in research and development applications.