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The EnSol semitransparent PV Epi cell

Extra layers of solar cells capture more light from the sun.

Conventional solar panels are made of silicon. EnSol AS has

developed an almost transparent solar film, a so-called thin film,

with nanotechnology. This thin film can be installed on top of an

ordinary silicon solar cell without the need to make any other

changes on the cell. With this thin film on top, one can theoretically

increase the efficiency of today’s best solar panel with over 5 %.

The thin film and silicon utilises the solar energy more efficiently

when combined than individually. Silicon is still known for giving the

most power, but the thin film can still utilise the blue and green part

of the sunlight better than silicon. High efficiency of the solar panels

will become increasingly important with the installation and

operation costs increasing.

The most promising constituent materials have now been chosen for the cell construction, using various selection criteria for

each material function. The physical properties, and production conditions of the nano composite material are now being

investigated and how these can be most optimally tuned to promoted photo-electron production.

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