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 L. Claudia Gomez-Aguirre, M.Sc, Ph.D.

  – Chemist / Materials Scientist with expertise in synthesis of inorganic materials (nanostructured oxides) and organic-inorganics hybrids. – Advanced knowledge in sample characterization: X-ray and neutron diffraction, thermal analysis and infrared spectroscopy. – Expertise in the study of physical properties of solid materials.

 Phil M. Denby, M.Phys, Ph.D.

  – More than 20 years of experience working with nanoparticle production and PVD techniques. – Significant experience working in both academic and business environments in the UK and Scandinavia – Experimental Physics background supplemented by practical hands-on approach to engineering, computing and electronics

 Geir Wallevik, M.Sc.

  – More than 40 years experience in operations and R&D in the Norwegian energy sector. – Experienced facilitator of technology development projects and start up companies. – Extensive local and national network.
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 May-Britt Wallevik, B.Sc.

  – Originally trained as a mechanic. – Bachelor in mechanical engineering. – Six years of experience in the oil industry, both nationally and internationally.  

 José Manuel Gallego, B.Sc, Ph.D.

  – Career extending over 40 years,  in industry and running his own company. – Technical experience in the fields of Thin Film Technology, Vacuum Technology, Solid State Physics, Material sciences and Electronic Control Systems, both in the R&D and manufacturing areas. – Senior management and project management experience in multidisciplinary projects running at an international level. – Acting as project evaluator for the EU and UK government as well as an external examiner for university research students in the UK.

 Breogán Pato Doldán, M.Sci., Ph.D.

  – Solid State Chemistry & Material Science Researcher in functional environmental materials. – Expertise on the synthesis and characterization of metal-organic materials and functional inorganic nanoparticles. – Academic background developed in an extensive international network: Spain, Norway, the US and  France. – Broad experience in nanotechnology industrial research performed in Spain, the UK and Norway. – External examiner for PhD students in Spain.