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Physical Vapour Deposition Facility – Nanocomposite, Thin Film & Device Production

EnSol has extensive experience in vacuum deposition of thin film and

composite materials (chiefly using magnetron techniques). We

currently have 2 deposition facilities able to coat substrates up to 10

cm x 10 cm. Our largest system has the flexibility of changing

between 4 different deposition sources, including nanoparticle, and

nanoparticle / composite “co-deposition”.

Aimed as a prototype for industrial up-scaling, EnSol’s prototype

nanoparticle source is one of the most advanced in operation. The

source is able to produce a practical elongated “stripe” deposit with

rates of up to 60 Å/s (depending on the deposition material). The

beam size is typically > 10 x 0.5 cm allowing the sample substrate to

be passed through the beam to produce a large-area even deposit.

Superior long term stability and efficient target usage allows the user

to concentrate on other aspects of thin film innovation, rather than the

nanoparticle production alone, making it ideal for testing prototype

new materials for batteries, sensors or other device applications. We

have an extensive range of deposition source materials in stock, but

also have an excellent supply chain network, able to accommodate

new or unusual request with minimum lead time.

EnSol can offer on-demand prototype nano-composite thin-film

deposition services to support your own R&D activities as well as

custom nanoparticle / deposition system design, fabrication and


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